"Why Iceland?"

Before I went to Iceland, I got the question, "Why Iceland?" a lot! I honestly just thought it looked so beautiful and had so much to offer. Of course, there are beautiful landscapes everywhere, but I really wanted to experience something outside of the United States. I flew on an eight hour plane ride with my friend, Kortney and the adventure began! Now, I am not going to write out the day to day, but I will tell some of my favorite moments!

First, the scenery! It was amazing! I was constantly blown away the entire trip. You really did not have to go looking for it because it was everywhere! We would be driving for hours and just turn off just to get outside and take it in for a minute!

The hiking was amazing as well. Great beautiful hikes to very unique places! We hiked over to a hot spring RIVER, yes a river! I believe it was ten miles of pure hot water flowing down the mountain. There was also a hidden heated pool in the middle of the mountains. I had read online (not sure if the source was accurate), that in the 1920's it was where they taught locals how to swim! 

Taking photos in Iceland was probably my favorite part. You could go out at midnight and still be able to capture amazing landscapes because the place never got dark! It was awesome! Kortney and I went out to the same pool at midnight to capture it with not a soul in the water. Then took a midnight dip! There were also waterfalls EVERYWHERE! It was absolute insanity, there was no way you could capture all of them. One of the most popular, next to Kirkjufell mountain, was my favorite!

This place blew my mind every single day I was there and I can not wait to go back! Photos do not do this place justice! If you ever get the chance, hop on a plane and get yourself to Iceland! It was one of the best experiences of my life.