About my Personal Projects

Under the menu on my website, I am sure you have noticed the link to Personal Projects. I have been putting effort into trying new types and styles of photography recently. I try to do one a month to keep my inspiration flowing. These projects are all over the place and have no specific genre. I usually have a strange idea come to me and try to make it come to life! My first project, called Dying On Mars came to me during the shoot. I was just shooting a friend of mine for fun and ended up with an idea that just involved a rock and a person. 

I really enjoy testing my creativity and acting on ideas that come to me. Everyday I am constantly looking for new ideas to keep myself inspired with my art. If you would like to see more of my personal projects, please click on the link! I try and update as frequently as possible. 


"Why Iceland?"

Before I went to Iceland, I got the question, "Why Iceland?" a lot! I honestly just thought it looked so beautiful and had so much to offer. Of course, there are beautiful landscapes everywhere, but I really wanted to experience something outside of the United States. I flew on an eight hour plane ride with my friend, Kortney and the adventure began! Now, I am not going to write out the day to day, but I will tell some of my favorite moments!

First, the scenery! It was amazing! I was constantly blown away the entire trip. You really did not have to go looking for it because it was everywhere! We would be driving for hours and just turn off just to get outside and take it in for a minute!

The hiking was amazing as well. Great beautiful hikes to very unique places! We hiked over to a hot spring RIVER, yes a river! I believe it was ten miles of pure hot water flowing down the mountain. There was also a hidden heated pool in the middle of the mountains. I had read online (not sure if the source was accurate), that in the 1920's it was where they taught locals how to swim! 

Taking photos in Iceland was probably my favorite part. You could go out at midnight and still be able to capture amazing landscapes because the place never got dark! It was awesome! Kortney and I went out to the same pool at midnight to capture it with not a soul in the water. Then took a midnight dip! There were also waterfalls EVERYWHERE! It was absolute insanity, there was no way you could capture all of them. One of the most popular, next to Kirkjufell mountain, was my favorite!

This place blew my mind every single day I was there and I can not wait to go back! Photos do not do this place justice! If you ever get the chance, hop on a plane and get yourself to Iceland! It was one of the best experiences of my life.

Dipping Into New Photography.

I was recently asked by a friend of mine to shoot her while skateboarding. As a landscape photographer, I thought it would be a fun challenge! I sometimes shoot portraits of people when asked, but never really a moving target. I set up my camera to the settings recommended for shooting action. Then, started shooting and playing around with my settings some more. I got a few decent shots but was never really happy with any of my shots! I am such a perfectionist when it comes to my photos and I see every flaw, even in my best shots. 

I think my biggest struggle is not really knowing exactly what part of the trick to capture. So I just started letting my shutter go and seeing whatever photo my skater (Janthavy) liked. Then, I kept trying to shoot that exact part of the trick. Overall, this is a very challenging type of photography for me because of all the motion and not knowing exactly what to capture. But I do love a new challenge and I am excited to get better at it!


Update: Prints Are Up!

Hello friends! 

My prints are currently hanging in Pita Jungle in Flagstaff, AZ. If you are local, be sure to go check it out and enjoy their food while you're at it. They are for sale so if you like one you see, you can contact me or the art coordinator at Pita Jungle. After the show, I will be selling a few pieces on my website so look out for those! They will be under the Prints For Change category and you will be able to select which size and print you want! I will be giving 30% of the proceeds to the organization of the month for these larger pieces. These large prints will be for sale for a limited time, so get yours! Remember 100% of the proceeds go to the organization of the month when you purchase the 6x6 prints. 

I'd also like to add a big THANK YOU to all of those who have supported me and Prints For Change! You guys rock!

Till next time...


Art Showing!

Hello friends!

I am sooooo excited to share with you something awesome! I picked up a flyer at Pita Jungle about showing art. I thought it was kind of a long shot, but I am proud to say that my photography will be showing in Pita Jungle for the entire month of April! If you're local to Flagstaff you are lucky enough to view the pieces I end up showing! They will be available for purchase as well. I am super indecisive so I do not know how I am going to choose which photos I will show. I will definitely be taking suggestions haha! Comment on my Instagram (@nik_hand) of your favorite photos and maybe that will help me decide! I have to make huge prints!! I may even print some canvas as well! Not sure how successful selling at shows is, so whatever I do not sell I will put up for purchase on my website or I will auction them off on eBay! I hope you guys go eat at Pita Jungle and show your support! I will post an update on what day exactly they're going up! SOO excited!!


About Prints For Change

Hello friends! 

I decided to start a blog on this site. I am not a very great writer, so try not to eat me alive on here... Anyway, this blog will be mainly to read about my travels or what weird project I am working on. I will just be sharing my thoughts and experiences. Soooo here it goes...

On new years I decided I was going to give back. I wasn't really sure how I would make it happen, but I knew I wanted to do it through my art. I ordered 25 prints of my photos from a printing company and I loved them! They were free with a discount code I saw on Instagram, so I thought "why not?" They are perfect for postcards or to have a decoration on your desk. 

So I didn't know what to do with these things... Until a few days ago. I thought about how these are pretty nice prints on some nice paper! I have all these photos and nothing to do with them. That's when it occurred to me. Sell em'! But then I thought I don't want to make money off these things! So I decided I'd give the profit to an organization or charity every month. Prints For Change.

As of right now I have 12 prints left. This is going to be a little test run to see how this all goes before I order more. My goal with these prints is to share art and also help out! I have always hated asking for money but hey, I think this is a good cause!

For the month of February I will be giving the proceeds to Coconino Humane Association. I just love going over there and seeing all the cute pups! I would love to see the cats and kittens too, but I am horribly allergic! You should have seen what happened last time I went in the "Cat Room." Not pretty...

You can order one print or three prints from me today! OR you can order monthly prints! You will receive a different print every month for the whole year! Now that is a great way to make your year way better, am I right?! I'll even write something nice every month because you rock! 

I am looking forward to this! I hope you guys are as excited as I am. I really hope it works out!